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Welcome to Envision Film & Video

Orlando Video Production Services located in Orlando, Florida has more than 25 years in the business of video and film production. Headquartered in Orlando, FL Orlando Video Production services has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Dallas.

In a ever increasing multimedia world and with the YouTube and Internet Revolution there has never been a greater need for Corporate video production. Weather you lease office space or manufacturer furniture. Sell real estate or market musical instruments, you NEED a corporate video presentation, product presentation or sales promotion captured on video and distributed via the world wide web. The internet is the dominating vehicle for corporate and product promotion


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Who is Envision?

[toggle title=”Our Company Mission”]To create the highest quality, most professional video and sound presentation available anywhere at any price![/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Envision Philosophy”]We are not satisfied unless YOU are satisfied. As independent businesses owners for more than 25 years we understand how business and marketing works. We set out to know and understand your business services and products the way YOU do![/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Envision Promise”]Because of our 25 years of worldwide business ownership experience, We pride ourselves in understanding precisely what our clients desires and expectations are. We know how to deliver exactly what your company needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing!![/toggle]
[toggle title=”We Always Deliver On time”]When you set a deadline for completion, we deliver by that date! As long as there has not been additional content you have decided to shoot and or add, we will guarantee delivery by your due date![/toggle]


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Our Mad Skills

[progress percentage=”95″]Full HD 4-Camera On Location Operators[/progress]

[progress percentage=”95″]Final Cut 7 Pro Editing[/progress][progress percentage=”90″]Web Design[/progress]

[progress percentage=”95″]HTML/CSS[/progress]

[progress percentage=”85″]Graphic Design[/progress]

[progress percentage=”75″]Web Design[/progress]


Meet Our Team

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[person name=”Dana Kamide” picture=”” title=”Music & Sound Producer, FinalCut, Founder/President” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=””]30 years experience in studio and live sound production. Published music artist and music library publisher.[/person]


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[person name=”Jimmy McGrath” picture=”” title=”Director of Photography” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=””]Film degree from Full Sail University. Alex is a creative motion picture designer and photography[/person]


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[person name=”Allen Mason” picture=”” title=”Director Of Photography” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=””]Former Professor of Film at Full Sail University Aaron has extensive experience in managing and organizing production sets of any size.[/person]


Our Happy Clients